Bring your family together over hearty, warm soup no matter what the weather or world is doing outside.
Baked potato soup for emergency food supplies

Baked Potato Soup - Emergency Food


You’re whole family will enjoy this hearty, delicious soup from Valley Food Storage. It’s the perfect mix of comfort food and energy booster to help your family get through any emergency. Easy to prepare, ready in minutes.   Highlights: -5 serving pouch -25 year shelf...
Couer d'Alene Potato Soup for emergency food supplies

Couer d’Alene Potato Soup - Emergency Food


This rich, filling potato soup from Valley Food Storage is a natural choice for emergency supplies. Give your family a taste they’ll love and the nutrition you know they need, with this easy to prepare soup.   Highlights: -5 serving pouch -25 year shelf life...
Irish Cheddar Potato Soup for emergency food supply

Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup - Emergency Food


Hearty soup is a great solution for a cold, wet or bad day. From Valley Food Storage, this soup will be a perfect addition to your emergency kit - your family will love it and it will give them the nutrition they need.   Highlights:...
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