11 Things Your Family Should Know

This might not be the most exciting top ten (or eleven) list you’ll ever read but it might be one of the most important ones. Whether you’re looking to build your emergency kit, set it aside and not have to worry or you’re looking to jump into the “preparedness lifestyle”, you should know a few things.

These are the important things that we’ve learned as we’ve approached getting prepared with a practical, family first mentality.

1. Emergency food and emergency preparedness products are for everyone. Whether you’re a family of beginners, seasoned preppers, Republicans, Democrats, city-dwellers or living in the country, a great emergency food supply is important. You’ll notice a lot of other companies play to one audience or another, we have a passion for helping you find the best emergency supplies for your family and your situation.

2. Emergency food is only part of the plan. You should be thinking about things like communication, first aid, medications and power sources. Our practical preparedness basics checklists is a good place to start. But think of it this way, what are the things your family can’t live without?

3.Taste is important when it comes to emergency food. While you’re whole family will probably be a little bit easy going on what they eat during an emergency, you’ll want food that you can actually eat and even enjoy.

4. You should base what you need on calories per day. You generally know how much your family eats and the minimum you’ll all need to be comfortable. Keep that in mind as you choose the best emergency food for your family.

5. 60% of Americans are unprepared for a disaster and 54% of Americans are not prepared because they don’t believe a disaster or emergency will affect them. This number is staggering, considering we’ve all been through some sort of natural disaster, extended power outage or other emergency.

6. The Value Equation. This sounds fancier than it really is but think of it this way, with a lot of our supplies, you're feeding your whole family during an emergency for less than you might spend on meals in a regular day.

7. With point #5 in mind, we know it is still an investment. You rarely spend your food budget all at one time like this but this investments means you know you can feed your family during any emergency for the next 25 years. It’s a worthwhile investment that won’t lose it’s value.

8. You’ll see a lot of talk about emergencies or disaster like natural disaster, economic collapse and others but our products have so many more uses than just those disasters. For instance, what if an unexpected expense comes up and money gets tight for a little while? That would be an emergency and great time to rely on your Family First Prep food.

Or say it’s Wednesday, you’re on your way home from the office and you realize there’s no dinner. With our food, there’s always an easy family dinner stored away.

9. You can supplement your emergency food supply. In fact, most emergency food supplies are meant to be supply. Especially if you're preparing for a long-term emergency, you’ll want to have a plan for a garden, hunting or other additional food source to complement your supply.

10. Grocery stores lose power too. Actually, during the very power outage that lead us to build our emergency kit all of the grocery stores in town lost power. That means you either have to rely on a restaurant or have an excellent backup plan.

11. Last but not least, you insurance your house, your car, your health, even your life. And you do all of that in case something happens. Why wouldn’t you apply the same principal to feeding your family?