About Us


At Family First Prep, we undertook the massive task of bringing you family-friendly emergency supplies because we knew it was something that was lacking in the market. As a family ourselves, we couldn’t find any products that spoke to us, were built for us or that made us feel confident that we could keep our family safe.

There was only one clear choice, build our own brand. It’s not just our brand but it’s your’s too. We’re committed to building a family of products that is perfect for your family and ours.

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One of the most difficult parts about getting prepared is shopping. We’ve done our research and know that there’s a lot to consider. You’re looking for products you can trust to help keep your family safe in an emergency. We’re focused on helping you do just that, by bringing you a shopping experience that’s easy to navigate and actually helps you find what you need.

Get started here with our food supplies customized to fit your family.


Your family emergency plan is personal. Whether you’re preparing for an everyday emergency or an extreme circumstance, your emergency food has to fit your family’s needs. We’re here to help you take a practical approach to preparedness. We won’t try to sell you on the biggest or most expensive food supply. Instead, we want you to focus on what’s practical for your family’s emergency plan. Learn more about our practical preparedness approach.


Getting your family prepared for an emergency isn’t a one day, one step process. It also doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, life-consuming activity. Like we mentioned above, our approach is practical and focused on real life. If you’re like us, you manage your household with lists and becoming a prepared family isn’t any different. Visit our library of printable emergency checklists to get what you need to build a sound emergency plan for your family.


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