Build Your Family's Emergency Plan

When you’re building a sound emergency plan for your family, you want to make sure you cover all your bases. Everyone’s family and situations are different so be practical and take some time to think through your plan. We’ve put together list of things to think about and consider as you make your family emergency plan. You can also use our family emergency plan template to get started.

Here are some things to consider for your family’s plan:

-Communication - Do you have a clear and effective plan to communicate with family members in an emergency?

-Power - Depending on your location and situation, you’ll want to have a power source plan. That can include a variety of types of generators, batteries, solar power and other options.

-Food - Feeding your family in an emergency is important. You want to find the right emergency food solution for your family. Things like cost, shelf-life, taste, variety, calories and ease preparation are all factors when choosing food for your emergency kit.

-Way to cook - Especially if you have an electric stove top, you’ll need a backup plan for cooking. This can be a camp stove, fire or a number of other options.

-Clean water - If you have a problem with your water supply or normally filter your tap water, you’ll also want to think about a back up plan for filtering your water.

-Radio - A battery powered, solar powered or hand-crank radio comes in handy during an emergency to get updates on when weather is expected to pass or other types of updates.

-Light source - In addition to a power source, you’ll likely want a source of light like a flashlight, lantern or solar powered light.

-Important documents - During an emergency, you’ll need to make sure any important family documents are safe and secure.

-Preparing your car - Make sure you have a small car kit together and in your trunk. This will help if you’re on the road or have to hit the road during an emergency. We’ve put together a checklist for your emergency car kit.

-Safety & first aid - Up-to-date safety and first aid skills, as well as a complete first aid kit are important for any family.

This is just a list of things to think about when you’re starting your family’s emergency plan. We’ve put together free emergency preparedness checklists to help, check out the full library here.

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