Finding the Best Emergency Food For Your Family

At Family First Prep, we’re not just about selling you any emergency food supply that you’ll buy. We genuinely want to help you find the best survival food for your family. That way you know you’re prepared for anything and we know it too.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you decide which emergency food kit is best for your family.

1. Duration - Decide what you’re preparing for and how long that emergency is likely to last. Once you know the duration, you can use it as a guide to help decide which size kit you’ll need.

2. Storage - Consider the storage spaces and options in your home. This will help decide if a bucket or box might fit your needs better.

3. Meals - Look at the meals that comes with the survival food supply that you’re considering. Are they meals you feel your family will happily eat?

4. Taste - Just as important as the meals is the taste. You want food that you know will taste good because going hungry isn’t an option. We’ve done the taste testing for you and are happy to give what we’ve found to be the best.

5 .Shelf-life - Make sure you know the shelf-life of the product you’re buying. Shelf-life is important with survival food because you don’t know when and emergency or disaster might hit and you want food you can count if one hits next week or several years from now.

6. Kits vs. Build Your Own - You can buy supplies in family kits or build your own by selecting recipes and buying them bulk. There are advantage and disadvantages to each. For instance, if you’re family has any dietary restrictions building your own supply might be the best way to go. Also, many customers choose to do both in order to add to the family kits.