Why Family First Prep


Family First Prep’s emergency food supplies and products are the first and only family-friendly products of their kind. Our products are designed with you in mind and our site helps you find the best food supply for your family’s needs.


Family First Prep - Emergency Supplies Designed for Families

They are designed by families for families.


Family First Prep products shelf life range from seven to twenty five years

Our products have up to a 25 year shelf-life, which means you can sleep easy knowing your family is covered.


Your whole family will love the taste of Family First Prep's products

You can count on your family loving the taste of our food, ours does.


Family First Prep's emergency food supplies are affordable.

Our products are priced right to fit your budget.


Our products are easy to prepare and ready in minutes.

Our products are easy to prepare and ready in minutes.


We’re not just here to sell you products, we’re here to help your family be practical, sensible and prepared. Looking for a sample family emergency plan? Or a checklist for your hurricane kit? Do you need tips on being prepared for an emergency or disaster?

Our ever growing library of tips and checklists is here to help guide you. 

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